Singing Night

singing night
Tineretului Park (Romanian: Parcul Tineretului) "Youths' Park" is a large public park in southern Bucharest (Sector 4). The park, which was created in 1965 and planned by the architect Valentin Donose, was designed as the main recreational space for southern Bucharest, an area which was heavily developed during the 1960s and 1970s.Aside from green areas, the park contains a number of playgrounds as well as a navigable lake, utilised by leisure boats in summer. Tineretului Park contains the Sala Polivalentă, one of Bucharest's largest multi-purpose halls, used for concerts and indoor sporting events.

The south-east corner of the park is a children's area called "Orăşelul Copiilor" ("Kids' Mini-town").

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