Yes, I know I have a problem with my camera and my images are not sharp and out of focus.
That's bad because I have thousand images good for stoking but... nobody accept blurred images. Hope this year Santa will give me a new camera.. but I was a bad boy, a real bad one :)) !


This dog arise from nowhere in the middle of Parang Mountains. It was stay with us about two days and he love the massage!! We don't know it's name and we think Aristotel is a good name for this dog with smart face!

And sorry for legs from the top right, I don't want to crop and I don't say this is a good image, just a snapshoot!

Summer dreams

Summer dreams
Despite I like winter, and I love mountains covered with snow and ice, I still think at summer.

House of the Mountain King

House of the Mountain King
Listen Hall of the Mountain King here... a masterpiece, you loose a lot if you don't listen this great song by Edvard Grieg.

Better Than Walking

Better Than Walking

Sweet memories

‘Cause whatever you may think I forgot
You know I’m still thinking about it
Sometimes I wish I could stay
But no matter where I go, no matter how long
You know I’ll keep hanging on. Sweet memories
I’m leaving but my mind will surely stay...

Morning hunter

This morning I was out before sunrise. Hunting mist, clouds, and morning light, here is some results:

H3D -39 meet the forest

Look at the follow image and tell me what you think.
You can read exif data and you will see at the camera model Hasselblad H3D-39

Now, the truth... this is just drawing, photoshop artwork, some PS brush and no real picture.
I write the new exif data just for fun! I upload this image on a photography site and they still think this is a real picture taken with a Hasselblad!!!

Best deal for stock buyers!

From now Pixmac make a big step in image stocking! Pixmac now offers images from two big sites: Fotolia and Dreamstime! This means there are more than 10 million pictures in just one site.
A simple site where you can buy a photo in just 3 minutes, without registration forms and credit packages and without expiration dates. This is a big step for this Czech company!

More images, more places, more sales

I am very happy cause in last week my application was approved for some stocking sites. That means my images is now seen by more possible buyers. So I am happy to announce you where you can find my portfolio, and of course where you can sell yourself your pictures and drawings!
So here they are:
- they offer 50% of the net proceeds from each photo downloaded
- here if you wanna buy some images use that code PX106635 and you will get 10 credits! Fair Enough?!
- at this time, big part of my earnings comes from here. Great deal with this site is because they accept footage clips. And with 480 pixels in height and an aspect ratio of at least 4:3 is great deal. If you have a digital video camera you must see how easy you can make money from just 10 seconds of video footage.
- Fotolia provides a compromise between photographers and buyers, you must join it
- here is a little problem, the time for review is big, sometimes you can wait one week, but online images sale well.
- it was hard but now they approve my account
- here.. I don't know to tell you much about. I am new over here, just few hours :P

I am in pending line on other sites, if they accept me... I will make more money, hope so! Of course.. money! Who don't need it?

Hope you will have inspiration for images and drawings, and don't be disappointed if your application is rejected. I try to join shutterstock 4 times and finally the 5th batch my application was approved. Just think at this, if your batch is rejected you must wait 30 days, that means 5 months . On stockexpert the same thing, few times, here time between reviews is bigger . Now I still try to join istock. Idea is to don't give up, more that 60% of my photos was rejected for quality or subject !
So... good luck!

Later edit : As long as I write this entry I sell 2 drawings on shutterstock! Just think of that and you will understand how much you can make in a month! There are some people around the word, that stay home and drawing, or travel and take pictures! I wish I can do that too!


Winter=Snow... Snow=Snowboard... Action!

Download vector from Fotolia or Shutterstock


Because winter is so close, and designers start thinking about the winter advertising, I start drawing some stuff for that.

Here they are:

gift box
Christmas Tree
Christmas Ornament

Christmas Bells
For stoking sites, idea is to have more images, ... more images= more sales!

Floral ornaments

floral ornament
Another vector for decoration. Can be downloaded from Fotolia or Shutterstock

18-55 kit lense = super macro lense

I try a little experiment with a kit lense, canon EF-S 18-55.
If you reverse a lense you will have a super macro one, but the problem is if you have a big lense something like 55-200 or bigger the result will not be great, because, the little is focal lengh the bigger is magnification. So.. idea is to use a lens with a small focal lenght. Here is some results.

pixel points from a CRT monitor
Here is pixel points from a CRT Monitor

Mobile phone SIM cardThat is a mobile phone SIM card

Ancistrus DolichopterusThis is a fish (Ancistrus Dolichopterus ) from my fishtank

The big problem is... you can't fix the lens on your camera and you will can't control focus and aperture ( if your lens doesn't have manual setting for aperture). Soon I will show you another images with that idea!

Spider web dew

spider web dew A little work in Illustrator, need a little work around the edges.


I start redesign that site,, and first thing in my mind was a logo, a sign to define it!

Idea is simple, site is about mountains. Especially about trekking, despite we have somethings about climbing and mountain biking. So what will define well this site? Let's see: first of all a mountain and edelweiss; second place, because we have a lot of forests still wild, some animals will represents well, I choose a buck and a falcon.
OK, now, all that elements was included into a triangle. It's look like a coat of arms for a national park. Now I add a ribbon and type the name... Here is the result after I place that on a glossy background:

Guide Romania

Wrong way?!

Today, I start thinking about what I do in the last week, and I see I don't touch my camera, I don't take any pictures. I sit here in front of my keyboard and draw, learn and draw.
I think about what I do... I don't have a job, I don't sell much images or vectors.... so what's wrong?! I think it's time to do something about that!
I know to work with photoshop, corel draw, illustrator, concept draw, dreamweaver, zend... few things in Autocad... but it not help me. I had no paper to confirm that, and here in Romania, HR departments don't care if someone know or not how to work with something, unless you have a degree ( or a paper that confirm you graduate something). So.. what can I do? I don't wanna work again in climbing services, I don't wanna work again as electrician, industrial automation.
That's all... it was enough, I can do more and I will try harder!

124 signs pack

A vector graphic pack. 124 signs can be downloaded from Fotolia or Shutterstock

124 signs pack

Walking to the sky windows

Walking to the sky  windows
Thanks Milu !

Landscape vectors

Because vectors have a low rejection rate, I start draw more, and more... here is two of my landscape vectors!
You can buy this vectors from Fotolia !

Island and palms
mountain peak and pines

Another new stuff on my blog

Due to success of my "hi5 skin tutorial", I decided to create some hi5 skins for free download!
So here is first skin that can be downloaded. Fairy Skin Download

Hi5 skin preview
What you need?
First download archive and unzip.
Go to Hi5 and select change skin, then click create a new skin. Give a name fairy for that skin.
Now on first column under Page Global- Page background type on background color #afa98a
After that scroll down and on Text Headers, choose any font type you want and what color you wish.

Now on second column, Main section, browse files you unzipped, and select main header.jpg (956x35 pixel), for background color set #afa98a ( same as page background) and text color what color you wish.
Next browse for main nav.jpg (956x30 pixel) same color for background #afa98a and for link color again what you wish.
For Section Body browse for mainbg.jpg(956x500 pixel) same background like above, set position -top and for text color it will be nice to use Black or #000000
OK, we browse again in footer background for file mainfooter.jpg (956x60 pixel).

We jump to next column, Mini Sections. Here in section header we browse for modulehead.jpg (470x60 pixel), set, fond and color as you wish. In Section Navigation we browse for modulenav.jpg (470x25 pixel) and in Section Body we set Background color to #6d593e.
We must go to Footer background and browse for module footer.jpg(470x30 pixel).
Press save and preview!

If you use that skin it will be nice if you put a backlink for this blog and please do not remove "Skin made by bocutz.hi5,com" I not urge you to do that but I will appreciate that! Other thing.. leave a comment with your hi5 address here, I am just curious to see it on work :P !

Deviant Art

Ok.. I have an account there... check it at

My first vector drawing

This is my first pretty vector draw, I try hard to learn Illustrator, despite I know something about Corel Draw, I never use Illustrator before, But I need to learn, because I can't do (I don't know), how to do some pretty things in corel! I must learn how to work with this programs because I wanna do vectorial graphics for sale on stoking sites. I sell just photos, and I wanna see if my drawings can give me a good reason for make more money. Yes, I need money! Who don't need it?
Vector images are great because if you want to print a huge billboard ( something like 100 feet (~30 meters) on big side) you can't do it with an image that have 10Mp with good looking quality, but vectors it can be sized up at any dimensions, if your computers can suport it you can scale it to .. let say 100.000 pixels on big side!
So.. here is my first vector drawing intended for sale! Available on Fotolia and Dreamstime.

One image 10 results

I got a flu ( not swine, hope so! :P). So sitting home and got remedy I became so bored, what to do .. I start with a photo and play a little in photoshop ... here is the results:


Old Photo

Old Photo


High Pass

High Pass

Sepia Tone

Sepia Tone



Gothic efect ( cooling ?)


BTW, not really the original image. Original was Black and White but I shoot in RAW, so I still have the color image and I play a little with white balance and contrast.


Thanks "Umbre" for ideea!

Where I have seen the unseen

Where I have seen the unseen
Image taken in Retezat National Park, Romania. You must visit and climb up here, despite have just 2509 m! In Background is "Papusa" Peak with 2508 m and here starts 2 nice ridge one "Custura Papusii" and "Portile Inchise"!

Dreamland with blue eyes

Dreamland with blue eyes


This bridge is near Petrosani, Romania. Here is the place where we camp for one night!



What images works for stoking ?

Well are so many subject you can use. First of all we must talk about the quality.
Highest technical quality
, this means all your photos must be properly exposed, in focus, sharp, free from noise dust and other artifacts. Photos with natural contrast and bright colors usually sell and print well. You can use Photoshop or other software to make little correction. Few things you must keep in mind :
- Do not interpolate or upsize your images!
- Try to shoot in RAW format and then covert to Jpeg
- Set your camera sharpness to the lowest level
- Check your images at 100% zoom for noise, dust and other artifacts

About the subject.
Here is the trick, not all great photos are good for stoking, that means you can have so many fine art images but you can have a big surprise when they are rejected! Don't try to sell on stoking sites images like Black and White street photography with frame, grunge effects, sepia. That's not mean street photography will not sell but they must give some emotions and remember quality is first!

If you think family pet including dogs, cats, ducks, insects; or flowers, sunsets and surprise money will sell, you think wrong! Just take a look over the net and you will find thousand millions images like that.

But what they need? It's so easy, you must have a simple subject related to something of follows category:
- Health and medical field
- Business related photos
- People in activities ( that works great)
- Technology photos ( but not CD's Keyboards, Mouse... try move further than your pc and TV)
- Different occupations( workers)
- Objects ( again try something new like... strange stones(maybe))
- Under water photos ( if you can take it)
- Illustrations, they love it! Vectors and digital graphics have a great potential and sell well!

As I say in other posts a few sites where you can sell your images are:
- Dreamstime
- Fotolia
- Pixmac
- Shutterstock

There are more other sites where you can sell your images!
Be creative! More images mean more sales!

Light at the gates

Light at the gates of heaven

Trei, Doamne... si toate trei

~ EN Translation " Three, God... and all three!"

Three, God... and all three

Old Bucharest

Old Bucharest

How many time we must wait to see that construction site closed?!