Another Photoshop tutorial

Today I teach you a new trick in photoshop.
I use that image( after the sunset with 1/2 second exposure and F22).original imageLet's make that picture a day time one.
First step. We press Ctrl+L to bring up the level menu. Add the follow value:photoshop tutorial
After this step I use a spot healing brush to delete dust spots from image.
Now duplicate background ( Ctrl+J). and set blending mode to linear dodge.
Now with magnetic lasoo tool select the sky like in the follow image

photoshop tutorialNow it's time to make clouds more visible, select eraser tool (E) and delete the sky from the second layer. Now, press M then right click on the image and select inverse, after that select the background layer and press Ctrl+J to duplicate background and set the blend of it to overlay. Again select eraser tool and delete the ground in that layer( as we select).
Select Image-adjustments-shadow/hightlights and add shadows 0% and hightlights 50%photoshop tutorial
Again select layer1 and with magic wand tool (W) select the sky of this layer( the transparent part). Press Ctrl+Shift+N to add a new layer. Add some clouds ( Filter-render-clouds ) and filter-render- difference clouds. Press Ctrl+U and add the next value:photoshop tutorial
Now set blending mode to hard light and opacity to 35%. We must have something like thatphotoshop tutorial
It's time to solve the problem at the horizont line. Fisrt of all we merge all layers with comand Ctrl+Shift+E. Select the blur tool and with a small brush blur the horizont line. Now, press Ctrl+L to bring up the level menu and set next valuephotoshop tutorial
Again set the shadow/hightlightphotoshop tutorial
and now let's put a little sun on that image. Select filter-render-lens flarephotoshop tutorial
And that's all Night scenery turned into day one
That image is not great but I just want to show you what it's possible with photoshop

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2 comentarii:

Mihai Dinu said...

Super nice pozele, intradevar e o dovada clara de profesionalism, iti multumesc pentru sfaturi, tin sa mentionez ca sunt un fotograf inca amator, cu o mare dorinta de a invata...

Alex Bocutz said...

Nu pot spune ca sunt bune cadrele, si nu pot fi numit profesionist :). Chiar si tutorialul asta este praf, imaginea aleasa si rezultatul sunt teribile, insa le-am folosit pentru a exemplifica cateva optiuni.