Another way to convert Black&White images

This is an update to Dinamic black and white images! entry. Now we use chanel mixer to transform a color image to B/W one. I choose that image:color train
We add a new adjustment layer and select chanel mixer (Layer-New adjusment layer-Chanel mixer). Select monochrome and set value for every chanel (RGB) in that way you can specify how many of each channel you want in the black and white image.
Watch difference!

desaturated train
100% Red (0% green 0% blue)

red 100
100% Green ( 0% red 0% blue)

green 100
100% Blue(0% red 0% green)

blue 100
It's like we use a color filter on a camera!
- Red filter ligntnes Red, Magenta and Yellow and darknes Green, Blue and Cyan
- Green filter lightnes Green, Cyan and Yellow; and darknes Red Blue and Magenta
- Blue filter lightnes Blue, Cyan and Magenta; and darkness Red Green and Yellow
- Cyan filter lightnes Cyan and darknes Red
- Magenta filter lightnes Magenta and darkness Green
- Yellow filter lightnes Yellow and darknes Blue.

Think at what filter do, experiment and you will have a more nice photos! I don't say my pitures are great, but some people understanding what I write about that, will can say "I am better than you!" So... good luck!

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