Colouring a black / withe photo in photoshop

I have a picture , a B/W one. So I try to create a color one from it.
First Step
With Magic wand tool select the sky, now select gradient tool with a gradient colors #3c3ccc to #b5dcfa , fill the selection.
Step two
Press W and right click on selection, select inverse, now we go to Image-Adjustments-Variation and we play with colors to create a real look for image.

Well...that's all!
In fact here I colorize snow with green, but, I use that to understand how you can colorize a B/W photos. Sometimes you will need to create different layers for each element. For exemple a portret, you will create a layer for skin, another for eyes, other for hair and much more ( clothes, lips) If you don't understand something, just ask! I will help you how much I can!

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