Dinamic black & white image

How we create a B/W image in photoshop? Maybe you may say, to set mode do grayscale or destaurate image. But why not try something new? As we know in digital imaging white is composed from Red 255 Green 255 and Blue 255, Black from RGB colors to 0. So... let's open a color image in photoshop. Press Ctrl+J twice to duplicate background. Reneme each layer with name Red, Green and Blue. Now Click on red layer press Ctrl +U select colorize and add value 0 for Hue and 100 for saturation. Set blending mode for this layer to screen. Now do the same thing with green layer but add 125 for hue, again, set blending mode to screen. It's time to colorize the blue layer, again press Ctrl+U set colorize and add 250 for hue and 100 for saturation. And watch the results and differences.
diferrence If you want more dinamic image, flat all layers by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+E and now press Ctrl+J twice, set blending mode for middle layer to Hard light and 50% opacity and for the top layer, blending mode to screen and 50% opacity. Again press Ctrl+Shift+E to flat layers. Now Create a new layer ( Ctrl+Shift+N) and fill with color #d6aa3f now set blending mode for this layer to overlay and opacity to 30%.soNow Go to Image-adjustments-Shadow/highlight and set 0 for Highlights and 50 for Shadow.s1
That's all! Remember to ask and try yourself! Other way for create B/W images in next entry!

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