Eyes corection in Photoshop

Sometimes eyes of a person don't look so nice in a picture,also if we use flash we have a red eyes. It's time to do something! That is image.
First we solve a red eyes problem. We can use red eye tool or, why not try something new? Select eliptical marqee tool and select the eye.  second
Now press Ctrl+Shif+N to add a new layer, fill selection with black and set blending mode to Overlay opacity to 50%. We solve red eye problem.
Now, with magnetic lasso tool select the iris, duplicate background layer and set blending mode to screen and opacity to 50%. We have a more nice eyes.
other An extra trick is to use spot healing brush tool to clear skin imperfections, after that, I adjust shadow/highlight with 20 Highlights and 10 Shadows.
again other
On that zoom level looks strange, but the real picture looks great.

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Anonymous said...

foarte bun acest tutorial de scos red eyes : )


Alex Bocutz said...

Nu chiar, sunt destul de multe variante, eu am ales una din ele :)

Anonymous said...
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Alex Ciopata said...

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