Remove noise

Maybe the easyest way to reduce noise is to go to filter-noise-despeckle in photoshop. But let's try something new.I chose that image, a crop from "Falling from the edge of universe".neprelucrata
OK let's convert image to Lab color, go to image-mode-lab colors. Then go to chanels tab and select chanel a, then go to filter-blur-gausian blur and set value to 5 px. Do the same thing with chanel b. Ok, now select lightness chanel and aply filter-noise-despeckle!
Convert image to RGB ( image-mode-RGB color) and that's all. So.. let's see the diferrence!
lab colors
This is in Lab Color noise reduction

And this is with Despeckle in RGB
If you know a better way, leave a comment and share with us!

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Anonymous said...

You could try filter>noise>reduce noise. You will have more control and despeckle tends to blur the image

Alex Bocutz said...

Did you try this tutorial? I know the filter you say but.... if you combine all that method and after all add a sharpen filter you will find the result. Anyway, thanks!