Space in Photoshop

Ok, let's start with a new document with black background. First we make a background with stars. Go to filter-noise-add noise:
photoshop tutorial, stars with noise filter

Now, go to filter-blur-gaussian blur and use 2 pixels for radiusphotoshop tutorial, bluring starsNow we have the base for stars, press Ctrl+L to see the levels menu and drag the arrows to the point where you have a background with stars like that:photoshop tutorial blurig stars You can drag, more or little to have the amount of stars that you want.

We have a background with many stars, it's time to add some clouds.
Press Ctrl+Shift+N to add a new layer, Fill that layer with black color, press D to reset background and foreground colors and go to filter-render-clouds, now, again to filter,render, and select difference clouds. Press Ctrl+F about 4-5 times to repeat filter. Press the add layer mask button and select gradient tool with radial gradient ( foreground to background). We must have something like that:
photoshop tutorial nebulae clouds Repeat the step 2 about 2-3 times, till you have 3-4 layers with clouds.

It's time to put some colors in our "space landscape". Select the one of the layer with clouds and press Ctrl+U to bring up the Hue/Saturation Menu. Now, select colorize and add the following values.photoshop tutorial coloring nebulae clouds
Repeat that step with each layer with clouds but with the following settings for Hue, Sturation, Lightness(H/S/L) : 35/100/0 ; 100/100/0 and 250/10/0 for the last layer. And that's all.photoshop tutorial nebulae clouds color in photoshop

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