Little Paris

Dirty City

In image is street where is located "carul cu bere" wich have 128 years old. It's a true living legend and also one of the oldest beerhouse in Bucharest, was opened for the first time in 1879 in the old Zlatari inn and, after 20 years it moved to Stavropoleos Street, where it can be found even today. Nicolae Mircea along with his family, originary from Medias, had a major role in Caru' cu Bere history. He managed along the years to make of Caru' cu Bere one of the most appreciated divertisment places from Bucharest.
The beerhouse from Stavropoleos Street is a traditional place, where each object has its own story. It is one of the few places in Bucharest where it seems that nothing has changed, and the architecture reminds, to the ones who step into, why Bucharest was once considered to be the little Paris. The mural paintings, the stained glasses and the carved cross-beams are distinctive elements of the beerhouse. The old time party spirit is still present in these days, the atmosphere reminding of Bucharest's exuberance from the XXth century beginnings. The place's symbol is Old Ghita, whose silhouette guards even today the right cross-beam. Old Ghita, the cellar man, worked some dozens of years within Caru cu Bere, moving up and down the stairs to the cellar cram-full with wine and beer barrels together with its unseparable lantern.
Nowadays Caru cu Bere has the goal to revive a tradition. Moreover, what will happen in here it shall be a part of an ample activity of promoting a real beer culture. Upstairs, in the beerhouse, the unique recipe of the house' beer, along with a little diversified menu with specific food, shall remind of the old time taste. The old wine cellar shall be available for those ones who want to prepare more solid for a night at the Caru cu Bere. Also in here there can be seen objects from all over related to the beer spirit. And also in here the spirit of the beer itself shall be found.
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This is another place that must see in Bucharest!

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