Explosion Tutorial

We create a background with stars as I show in previous tutorials. Now we add a new layer and with eliptical marquee tool we make a selection.selection
We set substract from selectionset substract from selectionand select a small portion as we create a ring. Fill the selection with one color ( I choose red) , deselect and go to filter-distort- ripple set follow value:
rippleNow go to filter-blur-radial blur and set value:
radial blur Well we have something interesting, but not enough!step 1 finished
We go to edit-transform-perspective
perspectiveNow rotate how you like it.
rotateOk, we have an explosion blast... we must add more and more.. it will be a long tutorial.
Let's add a planet, for that impact. Add a new layer, and with eliptical marquee tool we add a seletion and fill with a texture to be like a planet.planet
Ok, now, we add a new layer and a selection around the planet edge and fill with #eafa37 deselect and with filter-gausian blur set to 20Px we create atmosphere of the planet:atmosphere We have planet, we have atmosphere, we have explosion blast, but we must have an space object for colision...
You can skip next steps and don't leave our image, it's not really necesar!
STEP THAT CAN BE SKIPED :It's time to leave that image and create a new document with 200x200 px transparent background. With eliptical marquee tool we create a selection like in follow image:
asteroid selectionNow fill with a texture that imitate stone...stone texture
Duplicate layer and set gausian blur filter to 3 px.gausian blur
Select asteroid, add a new layer, transform selection, make it bigger and fill with #ff00f0:asteroid glow
Merge visible, select all, copy and paste in our image:asteroid paste
Good, we move and resize the rock to fit on the planet explosionasteroid fitted
Add a new layer and add a selection like in next image:selection
Fill the selection with a radial gradient wich have red and yellow in multiple strip:radial gradient
Deselect and add gausian blur with 15 px radius:gausian blur
Move that layer behind the asteroid, aply ripple filter to asteroidasteroid ripple
and set asteroid blending for lighten.asteroid blending
Now you ask me why we create asteroid with texture.... Because we add more asteroids, and I want to show you how you can make one.
I add same rock, rotated, scaled to become pices that run away from explosion:explosion rocks
For every rock filter it with motion blur, but for each rock set other distance.motion blur
Now we go back to background and add a lens flare from filter- render:
lens flareLet's add a cosmic clouds like I shou you on older tutorials. Play with colors and opacity and you will have something like that:final image
Hope you like it, and learn something!Fell Free to backlink if yo like it or promote it!

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