Grunge Background tutorial

It's ime to do another tutorial, this time we create a grunge background. Open a new document with transparent background. With Polygnal lasoo tool, and draw a selection like followselection
Now fill with any color you wish; fillCopy (CTRL+C) and deselect (CTRL+D) paste (CTRL+V) and press CTRL+T to transform selection, move rotation point in the thin top of layer:center
Set rotation angle at one of the follw value : 9,18,36,72...( if you don't use that values you will not have a simetric rays distribution) I use 18 degree; aply.

Now we duplicate the rotated layer (CTRL+J) and we press CTRL+SHIFT+T to transform again... we duplicate again layer and again we press CTRL+SHIFT+T, and we do that again, and again until we have something like that:rays
Good! Now, create a new layer( CTRL+SHIFT+N) and drag it under rays layer, fill with a color that contrast with rays:add background
We add a new layer again and with a brush we made some grunge effects:grunge brushes
Set this layer blending mode to Overlay and 20% Opacityoverlay and opacity Great, It look pretty nice but again, not enough. Add a new layer and with Eliptical marqee tool we draw a circle and we set tool to substract from selectioncircles
Draw a smaller circle inside the selection and fill with a color.circles Deselect and duplicate layer several times, now drag every layer to a desired position. well now again we add a new layer (CTRL+SHIFT+N) and with a ornamental brush we draw something to our circle.
ornamentsMmmm, looks good... I choose do delete the ornaments from inside circles. I select magic wand tool and select inside circle for every circle layer ( with add to selection).
select Well now I come back to ornament layer and with eraser tool I delete inside the selection.erase
Now our image will look something like that:erased ornaments We merge all circle and ornaments into a single layer.
Well again add a new layer and with a super sized ornamental brush we draw something:big ornament
Goto filter-blur-Gausian Blur and set 10Px radiusgaussian Blur
Drag layer under ornametal circle and set blending mode to overlay 45% opacityoverlay blend
Duplicate ornamental circles and set blending mode to hard mix. We have something like that:our result
I add a few steps and a text and my result is: My image
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