What images works for stoking ?

Well are so many subject you can use. First of all we must talk about the quality.
Highest technical quality
, this means all your photos must be properly exposed, in focus, sharp, free from noise dust and other artifacts. Photos with natural contrast and bright colors usually sell and print well. You can use Photoshop or other software to make little correction. Few things you must keep in mind :
- Do not interpolate or upsize your images!
- Try to shoot in RAW format and then covert to Jpeg
- Set your camera sharpness to the lowest level
- Check your images at 100% zoom for noise, dust and other artifacts

About the subject.
Here is the trick, not all great photos are good for stoking, that means you can have so many fine art images but you can have a big surprise when they are rejected! Don't try to sell on stoking sites images like Black and White street photography with frame, grunge effects, sepia. That's not mean street photography will not sell but they must give some emotions and remember quality is first!

If you think family pet including dogs, cats, ducks, insects; or flowers, sunsets and surprise money will sell, you think wrong! Just take a look over the net and you will find thousand millions images like that.

But what they need? It's so easy, you must have a simple subject related to something of follows category:
- Health and medical field
- Business related photos
- People in activities ( that works great)
- Technology photos ( but not CD's Keyboards, Mouse... try move further than your pc and TV)
- Different occupations( workers)
- Objects ( again try something new like... strange stones(maybe))
- Under water photos ( if you can take it)
- Illustrations, they love it! Vectors and digital graphics have a great potential and sell well!

As I say in other posts a few sites where you can sell your images are:
- Dreamstime
- Fotolia
- Pixmac
- Shutterstock

There are more other sites where you can sell your images!
Be creative! More images mean more sales!

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Teuton said...

tu folosesti vreunul din astea ?

Alex Bocutz said...

Dap, altfel nu vorbeam despre ele.

Teuton said...

si ai facut ceva treaba, sau mai mult pentru experienta, asa...?

Alex Bocutz said...

Depinde de imaginile pe care le ai!
Cum am mai spus poti strange si 200 $ pe luna