Spider web dew

spider web dew A little work in Illustrator, need a little work around the edges.

"Rebranding" Guideromania.com

I start redesign that site, Guideromania.com, and first thing in my mind was a logo, a sign to define it!

Idea is simple, site is about mountains. Especially about trekking, despite we have somethings about climbing and mountain biking. So what will define well this site? Let's see: first of all a mountain and edelweiss; second place, because we have a lot of forests still wild, some animals will represents well, I choose a buck and a falcon.
OK, now, all that elements was included into a triangle. It's look like a coat of arms for a national park. Now I add a ribbon and type the name... Here is the result after I place that on a glossy background:

Guide Romania

Wrong way?!

Today, I start thinking about what I do in the last week, and I see I don't touch my camera, I don't take any pictures. I sit here in front of my keyboard and draw, learn and draw.
I think about what I do... I don't have a job, I don't sell much images or vectors.... so what's wrong?! I think it's time to do something about that!
I know to work with photoshop, corel draw, illustrator, concept draw, dreamweaver, zend... few things in Autocad... but it not help me. I had no paper to confirm that, and here in Romania, HR departments don't care if someone know or not how to work with something, unless you have a degree ( or a paper that confirm you graduate something). So.. what can I do? I don't wanna work again in climbing services, I don't wanna work again as electrician, industrial automation.
That's all... it was enough, I can do more and I will try harder!

124 signs pack

A vector graphic pack. 124 signs can be downloaded from Fotolia or Shutterstock

124 signs pack

Walking to the sky windows

Walking to the sky  windows
Thanks Milu !

Landscape vectors

Because vectors have a low rejection rate, I start draw more, and more... here is two of my landscape vectors!
You can buy this vectors from Fotolia !

Island and palms
mountain peak and pines

Another new stuff on my blog

Due to success of my "hi5 skin tutorial", I decided to create some hi5 skins for free download!
So here is first skin that can be downloaded. Fairy Skin Download

Hi5 skin preview
What you need?
First download archive and unzip.
Go to Hi5 and select change skin, then click create a new skin. Give a name fairy for that skin.
Now on first column under Page Global- Page background type on background color #afa98a
After that scroll down and on Text Headers, choose any font type you want and what color you wish.

Now on second column, Main section, browse files you unzipped, and select main header.jpg (956x35 pixel), for background color set #afa98a ( same as page background) and text color what color you wish.
Next browse for main nav.jpg (956x30 pixel) same color for background #afa98a and for link color again what you wish.
For Section Body browse for mainbg.jpg(956x500 pixel) same background like above, set position -top and for text color it will be nice to use Black or #000000
OK, we browse again in footer background for file mainfooter.jpg (956x60 pixel).

We jump to next column, Mini Sections. Here in section header we browse for modulehead.jpg (470x60 pixel), set, fond and color as you wish. In Section Navigation we browse for modulenav.jpg (470x25 pixel) and in Section Body we set Background color to #6d593e.
We must go to Footer background and browse for module footer.jpg(470x30 pixel).
Press save and preview!

If you use that skin it will be nice if you put a backlink for this blog and please do not remove "Skin made by bocutz.hi5,com" I not urge you to do that but I will appreciate that! Other thing.. leave a comment with your hi5 address here, I am just curious to see it on work :P !

Deviant Art

Ok.. I have an account there... check it at http://alexciopata.deviantart.com/

My first vector drawing

This is my first pretty vector draw, I try hard to learn Illustrator, despite I know something about Corel Draw, I never use Illustrator before, But I need to learn, because I can't do (I don't know), how to do some pretty things in corel! I must learn how to work with this programs because I wanna do vectorial graphics for sale on stoking sites. I sell just photos, and I wanna see if my drawings can give me a good reason for make more money. Yes, I need money! Who don't need it?
Vector images are great because if you want to print a huge billboard ( something like 100 feet (~30 meters) on big side) you can't do it with an image that have 10Mp with good looking quality, but vectors it can be sized up at any dimensions, if your computers can suport it you can scale it to .. let say 100.000 pixels on big side!
So.. here is my first vector drawing intended for sale! Available on Fotolia and Dreamstime.

One image 10 results

I got a flu ( not swine, hope so! :P). So sitting home and got remedy I became so bored, what to do .. I start with a photo and play a little in photoshop ... here is the results:


Old Photo

Old Photo


High Pass

High Pass

Sepia Tone

Sepia Tone



Gothic efect ( cooling ?)


BTW, not really the original image. Original was Black and White but I shoot in RAW, so I still have the color image and I play a little with white balance and contrast.


Thanks "Umbre" for ideea!