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Due to success of my "hi5 skin tutorial", I decided to create some hi5 skins for free download!
So here is first skin that can be downloaded. Fairy Skin Download

Hi5 skin preview
What you need?
First download archive and unzip.
Go to Hi5 and select change skin, then click create a new skin. Give a name fairy for that skin.
Now on first column under Page Global- Page background type on background color #afa98a
After that scroll down and on Text Headers, choose any font type you want and what color you wish.

Now on second column, Main section, browse files you unzipped, and select main header.jpg (956x35 pixel), for background color set #afa98a ( same as page background) and text color what color you wish.
Next browse for main nav.jpg (956x30 pixel) same color for background #afa98a and for link color again what you wish.
For Section Body browse for mainbg.jpg(956x500 pixel) same background like above, set position -top and for text color it will be nice to use Black or #000000
OK, we browse again in footer background for file mainfooter.jpg (956x60 pixel).

We jump to next column, Mini Sections. Here in section header we browse for modulehead.jpg (470x60 pixel), set, fond and color as you wish. In Section Navigation we browse for modulenav.jpg (470x25 pixel) and in Section Body we set Background color to #6d593e.
We must go to Footer background and browse for module footer.jpg(470x30 pixel).
Press save and preview!

If you use that skin it will be nice if you put a backlink for this blog and please do not remove "Skin made by bocutz.hi5,com" I not urge you to do that but I will appreciate that! Other thing.. leave a comment with your hi5 address here, I am just curious to see it on work :P !

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