My first vector drawing

This is my first pretty vector draw, I try hard to learn Illustrator, despite I know something about Corel Draw, I never use Illustrator before, But I need to learn, because I can't do (I don't know), how to do some pretty things in corel! I must learn how to work with this programs because I wanna do vectorial graphics for sale on stoking sites. I sell just photos, and I wanna see if my drawings can give me a good reason for make more money. Yes, I need money! Who don't need it?
Vector images are great because if you want to print a huge billboard ( something like 100 feet (~30 meters) on big side) you can't do it with an image that have 10Mp with good looking quality, but vectors it can be sized up at any dimensions, if your computers can suport it you can scale it to .. let say 100.000 pixels on big side!
So.. here is my first vector drawing intended for sale! Available on Fotolia and Dreamstime.

3 comentarii:

Dylana said...

The images on your blog are so inspiring. Thanks for posting!

Great blog! I will def. be back!

Wenche said...

You have some great photos on your blog. Thanks for the helpful tips on my blog. It’s always nice to learn something new.

Alex Bocutz said...

Thank you, thank you !
It's nice to find someone that found my blog useful, despite I am not a photographer, nor graphic designer!
I am just an fucking electrician and sometimes climber with no fucking job! LOL!
Thanks Again!