More images, more places, more sales

I am very happy cause in last week my application was approved for some stocking sites. That means my images is now seen by more possible buyers. So I am happy to announce you where you can find my portfolio, and of course where you can sell yourself your pictures and drawings!
So here they are:
- they offer 50% of the net proceeds from each photo downloaded
- here if you wanna buy some images use that code PX106635 and you will get 10 credits! Fair Enough?!
- at this time, big part of my earnings comes from here. Great deal with this site is because they accept footage clips. And with 480 pixels in height and an aspect ratio of at least 4:3 is great deal. If you have a digital video camera you must see how easy you can make money from just 10 seconds of video footage.
- Fotolia provides a compromise between photographers and buyers, you must join it
- here is a little problem, the time for review is big, sometimes you can wait one week, but online images sale well.
- it was hard but now they approve my account
- here.. I don't know to tell you much about. I am new over here, just few hours :P

I am in pending line on other sites, if they accept me... I will make more money, hope so! Of course.. money! Who don't need it?

Hope you will have inspiration for images and drawings, and don't be disappointed if your application is rejected. I try to join shutterstock 4 times and finally the 5th batch my application was approved. Just think at this, if your batch is rejected you must wait 30 days, that means 5 months . On stockexpert the same thing, few times, here time between reviews is bigger . Now I still try to join istock. Idea is to don't give up, more that 60% of my photos was rejected for quality or subject !
So... good luck!

Later edit : As long as I write this entry I sell 2 drawings on shutterstock! Just think of that and you will understand how much you can make in a month! There are some people around the word, that stay home and drawing, or travel and take pictures! I wish I can do that too!

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